Terms and Conditions

This particular section includes all the relevant information you should be well aware of before making a purchase from our site.

1. Registration-

  • When you register your account with us, you will be notified of your order, delivery status as well as delivered email.
  • Not only this, we will be sharing our relevant information such as offers, updates, discounts, contests through email.
  • Therefore, when you register your account on our site you become entitled to allow some particular privileges such as pop-up notifications, check your cart status as well as emails. You can also opt out of these services if you wish to.

2. Sales-

  • Now when you search any product or item on our site, we may store that particular information for amplifying the future experiences. These are collected or stored in the form of cookies.
  • Moreover, when you place an order, we share your address, name and number to the courier company, for smooth delivery of your items. Therefore, this is something that cannot be opted out of.
  • All the products sold are in the best condition and at the right prices. In case you change your mind, you are requested to cancel the parcel before it gets shipped. This is to avoid the chaos. We handle a plethora of orders, and by letting us know you changed your mind beforehand the shipping process you are helping us by saving our time.
  • Once the order is shipped it can be only returned and exchanged after the delivery is accepted.
  • We provide cash on delivery as well as pay in advance via, card, apps, or net banking. You can select any option you wish to, according to your convenience.

3. Delivery-
  • The products will be delivered to you within 7 to 14 business days. We will try our best to deliver at the right time, and the same will be specified to you before hand, i.e the moment you checkout.

4. Return/Exchange/Refund-
  • Once the parcel is delivered you will have to wait for minimum 24 hours to request the exchange of the product and get a refund or to exchange for a bigger/smaller sizes.
  • The refund process will be initiated after the norms of the package return has been qualified.
For a proper understanding, the norms are listed below-
a. It should be in a proper condition as it was accepted
b. Do not hamper the product - using after applying deo or creams. This will add the fragrance to that particular product
c. Do not wash the product
d. You can return or exchange the product within 15 days of the delivered date.

5. Account information-


  • Your bank details are protected with us. And, therefore, we will notify you with login activities the moment you sign-in from any other device than the one registered.
  • If you forget your password you will be guided to the steps of password recovery.
  • But in case, you share your password with anyone else or suspect a malicious activity, we ask you to change the password at the earliest.